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CCTV(Closed Circuit Television) is a closed system consisting of video cameras, display devices (monitors) and wired or wireless data networks that allow you to transfer images from video cameras to monitors.

The video surveillance systems, in addition to cameras and monitors, often include other devices, such as servers, disk storages, client computers that allow storing and processing video data. Also, video surveillance systems can be integrated with security systems and other information systems.

The video surveillance systems are designed to ensure security at protected sites, monitor personnel activities, keep track of production processes, etc.

Want to know the ins and outs of how a CCTV system works? It’s not complicated, but it does vary depending on the type of system you install and the components used. However, the overall process is the same.

Consisting of at least one camera, lens, monitor and recorder, a CCTV system can be scaled up or down depending on the size of area wanting surveillance. CCTV works by the camera or cameras taking a constant sequence of images that are then transmitted by cable or wirelessly (depending on the chosen system type) to the recording device and then on to the display monitor, which enables an individual to see the sequence of images as video footage. Depending on the type of cameras used, they may also have the ability to zoom in and out and rotate 360 degrees.

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