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Digital marketing is not a rocket science to learn. It is just when we do
marketing online using digital devices like
laptops, tabs and mobiles, we call it digital marketing. The main objective of digital marketing is to create brand awareness among the group of target customers. To increase the communication
with the target customers, we use online
advertisements; which is a part of digital
marketing. Digital marketers must measure the ROI (Return on Investment) of the
various campaigns launched and must
analyze which campaign resulted in highest ROI.
People normally have a myth about
digital marketing that they must have
technical knowledge about web designing and development to do digital marketing. But in reality, all what they need is to
understand how marketing works and
how to implement various marketing
strategies over the internet using different
platforms like social media, SEO, email,
advertising and many more.
Digital marketing spending is booming and growing year over year. With a
record $14 billion mark for internet advertising in last quarter of the year 2014,
businesses understand the value of digital mediums boosting their bottom line.
The Interactive advertising Bureau
(IAB) said that mobile advertising grew
76% year-over-year from 2013 to 2014,
the biggest growth segment. That was
followed by social media advertising, with
57% growth. Search revenues grew only
3%, but search remained the largest
overall advertising segment by far with
spend of $18.4 billion in 2014 or 38% of
the overall share.
The upsurge of digital marketing has
formed an enormous career path and has
opened a door of opportunities, an infinitely diverse, embryonic, and capable
path to future. Digital marketing is attracting entrepreneurs, and even traditional
businessmen and women to look for a
career change.
Digital marketing gives you full space
in diverse profile according to your interest and inclination. Whether your passion
lies in PPC, social media, affiliate marketing, copywriting, content management,
analytics, mobile app development, or
graphic design – there’s really a great
opportunity waiting for you. There is lot of
option in digital marketing career that fits
to your choice. But before you take the
things forward and dive in, you must
understand the requirements, advantages and drawbacks of getting into it.
Talking about the top leading job portals in India, over 8 lacs jobs are waiting
for the digital marketers. Indian digital
industry is on boom and has shown a
cosmic growth since the last 3-4 years.
But it is a bitter truth of the industry that it
is lacking in the trained professionals.
Lack of knowledge and training is a huge
hindrance in front of the digital industry.
The opportunities are vast but the professionals are limited. In this scenario, institutes are coming forward to extend their
helping hand for the people interested to
make their career in digital marketing.
If we talk about the job opportunities in
the industry, there are various fields of specialization including content marketing,
SEO marketing, social media marketing
and many more which has opened a channel for the employee from a fresher level up
to the professional level, who are willing to
enter the thriving world of digital marketing.
More than 42 percent of jobs are for the
fresher level.
Digital Marketing Profiles and their job
A Digital Marketing Professional is
responsible for creating and implementing the strategy and driving qualified
prospects to conversions. Also they
have the responsibilities of employing the
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Kunal Choudhary

techniques in other aspect of
business like social media, email marketing and search
engine optimization (SEO).
SEO Marketers are required to
translate business goals into successful SEO campaigns, analyze
the performance of SEO efforts
and help clients’ increase search
engine rankings for their websites.
Digital Marketing Managers
are required to provide clear
direction to other members of
the marketing team, including
web designer, content writer,
sales executives and social
media experts.
Social Media Marketers are
required to create and adapt
content for each specific network. This includes managing
content for Twitter, creating
graphics photos for engaging
fans over Facebook and Twitter
posts, curating videos and photos for visual platforms like
Instagram, Vine, and Periscope.
The social media manager
mainly handles content strategy,
develop brand awareness, generate inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales.
Content Marketers are
required to write and produce
various types of downloadable
content and blog regularly, to
expand company’s digital footprint, awareness, subscribers,
and leads. This role requires a
high level of creativity, attention
to detail, and project management skills.
In the recent times, all the
top Multi National Companies
(MNCs) are boosting up their
business through digital marketing strategy. They are hiring digital marketing experts who can
increase the ROI of their business. The companies like TCS,
Infosys, Wipro, jellyfish, IBM,
and many others are working on
the model of digital marketing.
They are offering a package of
up to INR 20 lakhs yearly for the
experts. The starting salary for
digital marketing professionals is
in the range of INR 4-5 lakhs.
However this salary package is
not a bar for the deserving person and one can get more than
that if has ample knowledge in
the digital field.
Following are some of the
institutes in India that are providing courses on digital marketing:
Delhi School of Internet
Marketing, New Delhi – It provides certification in “Advanced
Digital Marketing Training
Programme”. The eligibility criteria to enroll in the course are
10+2 for the students. But most
of the enrolment comes as working professionals and entrepreneurs. So it gives a huge opportunity for students to meet industry leader under one roof.
NIIT in association with Digital
Marketing Institute (DMI), Ireland
offers a Certificate in Digital
Marketing course for students and a
Professional Diploma in Digital
Marketing for graduates and working professionals. However, at present, these courses though webbased cannot be taken from home
and have to be taken at an NIIT
Imperia centre nearest to you.
Digital Vidya, New Delhi – It
offers Certified Digital Marketing
Master (CDMM) Course. It is
available in online mode.
EduKart, New Delhi – It is
one of the growing digital marketing training institute in India
with its professionals having a
hold on the concerned field is
EduKart. The company provides
Certificate Course in Digital
Marketing which is certified by
IAMAI which is an online course.
Digital Marketing Academy,
Hyderabad: Digital Marketing
Academy is a Hyderabad based
digital marketing institute that
Digital Marketing In-depth,
Search Engine Optimization
Google Adwords / PPC (SEM) and
Social Media Optimization
(SMM/SMO) courses
IMRI – provides private, oneon-one digital media & analytics
training program customized
specifically for you. IMRI offers
Executive Program in Digital
Marketing (EPDM) Training
Program. Other than this, the
institute offers various other
courses including online marketing, web & graphics design, web
technology, analytics and measurements. (The list of institutions
is indicative only)
(The author is Founder & Director
of Delhi School of Internet
Marketing, New Delhi -110017.
The views expressed are his own.)

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